Using Remote Desktop you will be able to login as the Administrator of your own server where you can install any software, host unlimited web sites and create unlimited databases. Now, add our FREE 24/7 Emergency Support delivered by trained Microsoft Certified Professionals and you can see why you get more than ever before with HyperFive Web Hosting.
There are many hosting providers, but few with a decade of experience and fewer still that operate their own data centers. We can provide complete solutions for even your most complex application requirements. You can grow with us. Start with a single high performance Virtual Server and grow into your own Private Cloud.

We have spent years building our infrastructure to provide exceptional reliability and service to our customers. Click on the slide show and see what it takes to offer hosting this good!
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Cloud Server
The most affordable Web hosting solution with the performance, reliability and features to handle your most critical Web sites and applications.
Managed Backup
Our Off-Site Continuous Data Protection saves your Cloud Server 125 feet underground in the same facility used by the National Archives and Records Administration.
Dedicated Server
When only a server that is fully dedicated to you will meet your needs, our Enterprise Solutions offer the maximum privacy and performance.

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