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Content Delivery Network

Pay As You Go
Affordable CDN is finally here! Forget about monthly recurring fees. Buy your first 1 TB of bandwidth for just $39.95 and only buy more when you need more!

MaxCDN caches the static content on your HyperFive server and distributes it across a network of servers located around the world. Using "smart routing", visitors to your website are then sent content from the closest possible location.

The results are immediate. Your visitors will enjoy enhanced performance, no matter their location. Your HyperFive server will have extra processing power to execute code and access databases.

Whether your blog is receiving an unprecedented amount of daily traffic or your video hosting website is streaming more videos per hour than ever before, let MaxCDN do the heavy lifting for you.

How MaxCDN Works
See how MaxCDN cost-effectively optimizes site performance.

Content Delivery Network

Frequently Asked Questions
Here's a list of frequently asked questions about MaxCDN. If you have additional questions, please contact us by calling 1-888-5HYPER5 or when available, click the chat icon above to talk with one of our Account Managers live.

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