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    Private IP Subnet
    Free Data Transfer
    Complete Visibility
    Easy Administration
    Instant Deployment
    Install Any Software
    Zero Downtime Guarantee
    Layer 3 Firewall Protection
    Advanced Threat Management
    Fully Managed Gateway Anti-Virus
    Fully Managed Intrusion Protection
    Fault-Tolerant Redundant Storage
    Full Root Access and Privileges
    Certified Professional Support
    24/7 Emergency Response
    24/7 Server Monitoring

Step 1: Choose Server Plan
$15 /mo

1GB Memory
1 Core Processor
20GB SSD Disk
Unlimited Transfer

$30 /mo

2GB Memory
1 Core Processor
60GB SSD Disk
Unlimited Transfer

$60 /mo

4GB Memory
2 Core Processor
120GB SSD Disk
Unlimited Transfer


FREE 14-Day Trial then New Account $45 Instant Credit

$120 /mo

8GB Memory
4 Core Processor
240GB SSD Disk
Unlimited Transfer

$180 /mo

12GB Memory
6 Core Processor
360GB SSD Disk
Unlimited Transfer

$240 /mo

16GB Memory
8 Core Processor
480GB SSD Disk
Unlimited Transfer


Step 2: Configure Features

OPERATING SYSTEM - Migrate Existing Linux [No Charge]

Choose the operating system or engine you want to deploy to your cloud server.

Migrate Existing Linux [No Charge]
Ubuntu 14.04.2 (64-bit) [No Charge]
OpenSuse 12 x86_64 [No Charge]
CentOS Linux 6.4 x86_64 [No Charge]
Migrate Existing Windows [add $15/mo]
Microsoft Windows Server 2012 R2, Standard Edition [add $15/mo]
Microsoft Windows Server 2016, Standard Edition [add $15/mo]

STATIC IP ADDRESSES - 1 Static IP Address [No Charge]

CONTROL PANEL - No Control Panel [No Charge]

DATABASE LICENSE - SQL Server 2017 Express with Advanced Services [No Charge]

BACKUP SERVICE - No Managed Backup Service [No Charge]

DISASTER RECOVERY - No Disaster Recovery Service [No Charge]

SERVER MONITORING - Standard 24/7 Monitoring [No Charge]

COMPUTER FACILITY - Primary Computer Facility [No Charge]

Step 3: Setup Preferences
Our installers have a few questions about how you would like your new server setup. Let us know what computer name you want assigned to the server and how you will be using this server.

Computer Name

Installation Instructions

WINDOWS UPDATE - Allow Windows to download and install updates automatically

VPN CONNECTION - Do not install Windows VPN at this time

SMARTER TOOLS - Please email me download instructions and licenses

SSL CERTIFICATE - Please email me instructions for obtaining certificate

Step 4: Account Holder
Please enter the information requested below to create a new account. If you're a currently a HyperFive client, be sure to sign in before ordering so your server plan is added to your existing account.

Company Name

Street Address



State or Province

Zip or Postal Code

Account Holder Name

Account Holder Phone

Account Holder Email

(Technical Contact Name)

(Technical Contact Phone)

(Technical Contact Email)

Due to the high number of fraudulent signup attempts we reserve the right not to accept any order for any reason. If you enter an email address hosted by a free or anonymous service we will attempt to contact you using the information provided on the order form. If we are unable to speak with you we will not be able to accept your order until such time as we have verified your identity.

Step 5: Payment Information
If you're opening a new account then there's no need to enter your credit card right now. Instead, please take two weeks to give our service a try. Once you're certain HyperFive is right for you, just sign into your account and enter your payment information to continue service.

Enter the same characters as shown in the distressed image below. If you are unable to read click Confirm to refresh.

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